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Hairvana uses plant products to color your hair. Special techniques are needed here, and we always try to make sure that this is right in your situation. We use multiple brands likeColourWell, Oliebe en O'right to color or treat in a healthy way.

Do you want a healthy way of coloring your hair?ColourWell?

ColourWell puts a protective layer around your hair so that the natural color pigments and the structure of your hair are not affected. On the contrary, the combination of your individual hair color and ColorWell hair coloring creates a vibrant, shiny color tone. This way of color enhances your hair and improves your hair quality regularly. Even hairs that are affected by synthetic paints become vital again and shine after some color treatments! Your hair becomes fuller, stronger and cleaves less quickly. The more you are using ColourWell, he more beautiful your hair becomes! Do you want to color in a healthy way or are affected by one or more of these issues:

- skin irritation / allergies by using chemical hair dye?
- a sensitive (head) skin?
- futile, damaged and dry hair?

Then ColourWell is very suitable for you. ColourWell in brief:

- is 100% natural and thus 100% free of chemicals
- contains no PPD, no ammonia, no parabens, etc.
- is enriched with natural medicinal ingredients recognized by Ayurveda
- is not only the HEALTHY way of hair colors, it also provides vital hair, intense colors and long lasting shine

Eco-friendly plant based coloring with Oliebe

The products consist 100% of grinded plants. Think of, for example, chamomile, carrot, walnut and henna. The plant powders are mixed with water and vinegar. There are no chemicals used. The colors make a layer around the outer layers of the hair. This makes your own hair firmer giving more shine and the condition of the hair is improved by the tanning cycle present. The hair becomes thicker and protected for external influences. This is in contrast to chemical hair dyes. Oliebe is only available through the hairdresser.


The plant colors come in natural tones ranging from blond, red, and brown to very black. Remember that the hair color can not become lighter if your own hair color is dark. The hair can therefore not be discolored. If the hair is 100% gray you can achieve a blonde tint.

Benefits of natural eco-friendly coloring

Examples are with products from ColourWell:
- without ammonia, ppd, parabens preservatives, and other chemical additives.
- 100% natural
- suitable for people with PPD allergy
- highly sensitive scalp by e.g. disease or medication
- no chemical odors
- color fades gradually
- own color nuances are retained

take into account:
- gray cover is not as used in chemical paints
- can cover gray but transparent
- can cover gray after 2 colors, taking into account more time and more product is a more expensive treatment.
- this kind of coloring after multiple treatments stays better.

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